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Every garden has a fairy. Every green roof needs a fairy too. Never thought of it, but look what I caught on my camera! Do you believe in fairies?


New fridge magnets and alphabet poster from Snug, a German based design studio. Both designs are so clever and playful. Available here. I love their work!


Have you ever tried to make your own nut butter? It is so easy – if you have a good food processor – that’s a must. I have roasted my almonds first. And yes, this seriously is the last cracker we had at home, with homemade red current jam, R’s mom made. Who needs crackers? Just give me a spoon!

Having an overflow of some summer fruit forces you to get creative. That is a good think, right! We are really enjoying these apricot popsicles lately. Just blended apricots, banana and backer’s cheese (similar to mascarpone) and freeze for few hours. This was my first attempt to make fruit leather. Because we are having plenty of sun and heat these days, I just let them dry outside on a sunny spot for about a day and half. Peeling the parchment paper was a bit of a challenge at first, so I tore the leather into smaller pieces, than it was like peeling a sticker. So worth the effort!

Found this older photo today. These delicious macaroons are from Thomas Haas, the best chocolatier and pastry chef I know. I was very lucky to live close to his shop in North Vancouver and met him personally few times. He is such a nice person and so easy to talk to. Always smiling, especially when offering free treats to his customers that are willing to wait in line, rain or shine.

Making macaroons is on my list for a long time. Here you can watch how to make them and listen to some music too. Looks easy, right!?

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