From A3 to 3D paper gem in 20 minutes. Available at PosterLocker.

I got a question about the size of finished calendar. Here are the dimensions and pictures 7,5″ x 4,5″ x 4,5″ (19 cm x 12cm x 12 cm).


I am so in love with the new 2016 calendar.

From a sheet of paper to a gorgeous minimalist desk calendar in 20 minutes. By PosterLocker

Behind the sceens on Instagram  @posterlocker

calendar_gem_01 calendar_gem_02 calendar_unique

Some of my favorite food experiments captured on Instagram. Even thou it is summer now, I am posting some pictures form this spring, a big thank you goes to my parents for supplying us with the produce from their garden.


Roasted white asparagus with balsamico, feta and pepitas salad. White asparagus was one of the first local produce. Spinach and lettuce from the garden.

IMG_20130624_191327Homemade quinoa flatbread with peanut butter and fresh strawberries from my parents garden. Try the flat bread, just grind the quinoa, add salt and enough water to create pancake like consistency. Quick a so good for you.


Making nettle goncci. Nettle grows allmost anywhere like a weed. Making a nettle tea is probably an easier way to get the health benefits than making gnocci from scratch, but hey look at these!

IMG_20130504_193943Warm salad – morales, white asparagus, leek and lot of butter. These morales grew in our office atrium in a fresh mulch this spring. What a bonus : )

IMG_20130606_221901And all time favorite green smoothie, this time with spinach from my parents garden. Thanks for the supply of the earth goodness.

I have just realized I have not updated this blog in a month. How that happened?

It also has been a year since our big move. So I have been looking at some old photos. I hope you won’t get board with the following overload of memories. Here is Vancouver Aquarium.








One of the best places I know. Seriously, I would move in if I could.

Are you familiar with Jovoto? It is a great site for creative people to be part of competitions in areas like communication, graphic and product design. Weekend went by fast, we have been outside a lot (it is spring here finally) and the rest of the days I sat at the computer as much as I could. I am sharing my submissions. You can read the competition’s brief and see more ideas after the click.

Shopping Bag (R)evolution
LOQI fans can customize the bag the way they like, by writing or drawing on the bag with mini marker for fabric, packaged in the pouch with bag.


PrintDesign appealing and high-quality products for the fan shop!
The strap will keep all your necessities together when going for a meeting,  class or break in the park.



washi cranberry cashew bites

cranberry cashew bites

Quick, vegan and delicious treat, ready in just few minutes, any time you need that little something to satisfy your cravings.

– 1/2 cup dried cranberries, mix in food processor with
– 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, maple syrup, agave nectar or coconut oil
– 1/2 cup cashews, grind
Mix all together and make into balls.

Next time I make these, I will try to dip them in melted chocolate before I eat them all.

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