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Thank you all my wonderful customers for your support, nice words, the direct feedback, your smiles and energy. Thank you Rony and Herman for for helping me to get to this point, for all your support and patience. I couldn’t do this without you. Thanks to those of you who came to the show and for stopping by and saying “hi”. The market was a great success. 8500 people in 3.5 days is pretty amazing and proof that the handmade revolution is here to stay! I apologize for the poor quality of my photographs, I believe my memories will be vivid and sharp forever!

My Etsy shop is well stocked again. I am catching up with some orders and so needed sleep. It was a long few month of preparation and hard work but at the end all was worth it! The good thing is, that I can think about the new designs for my shop now, the list is long. I will also post some newer stuff that have not been photographed yet and list it soon.


Come and see a great sample of arts and crafts from local artists! This time, I’m super excited to be part of Make It as a vendor! I’ll be sharing the space and the joy with my friend from PaperBackNote.

Felted rocks for the upcoming market. They are wet felted around the real rocks collected on the most charming beach in Vancouver, Whytecliff Park.

It was a beautiful chilli day, but as you can see, it won’t stop scuba divers from enjoying the underwater world. Yes, there is snow on the hills at the background! The visibility at this time of a year is amazing. I have done some dry suit diving here few years back. It was one of my strongest experiences. The sea life you see is absolutely breathtaking. The cold water pouring down your back in the rental dry suit also! Brrrr : ) But so worth it.

What is in the box?

I have finally received my order of the wool I have been waiting for impatiently. I wanted to share the unpacking with you, because it is always so exciting! It’s amazing how light the package is and how much wool they can stuff in one box. When I take everything out it’s double or triple the size of the box. And believe me, they could easily stuff 4-6 bags more in there. It jumps right at you when you open the box. And Lukas loves to jump on it too : )
I’m working very hard for Make It, which is a super cool craft fair, my
favorite in Vancovuer because there are always so many awesome local designers
selling their creations. So proud to be part of it this time! That’s the reason
I’ve been quite busy lately, but also very excited!
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