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I hope you are enjoying your holidays and some extra time off. This is the 5th year we have this little potted Christmas tree, and I am so proud of it. It keeps growing nicely on our balcony for the rest of the year. We decorate it in the morning of 24th and will keep it till New Year Day. This way it won’t start to think it is spring already. Last few weeks I kept scribbling on little pieces of paper and I guess someone noticed that. I was happy to find a nice sketch book under the tree. Thank you! I love practical gifts like a flexible french curve, a self healing cutting mat, silicone mold kit, those are my kind of toys! What is the best gift you have found under the tree this year?


Don’s ask me why I have been saving toilet paper rolls, but they get handy for so many projects! I made this marble run after watching Lukas to play with one of the big wooden one in the store. Building without an exact plan, just cutting and gluing the tubes to fit and make the run interesting. Didn’t take more then half an hour, cardboard box, tubes and hot glue gun. There are to starting points (top and back) and they connect at the front. I have never got to photograph Lukas playing with it (sadly) and because we have been playing with it for over 2 months now, I’ll better to post at least these pictures before we recycle it. It won’t be end of the fun, I am hoping to make a magnetic version one day.

Have you ever been to a Charismas market in some European city? These are some pictures of the city I grew up in, Brno. I always take them out in December to remind my self the unforgettable atmosphere. Children singing Christmas songs, sipping hot mulled wine, making a wish under a magic bell, checking out all the great artisans form hand blown glass, pottery, to wooden toys and so much more. And the 50 meter high Christmas tree in the middle of the square. Ok, maybe not 50, but hey, I was a child : )

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