Monthly Archives: May 2012

Some of you might know that we have moved from Canada to the Czech Republic recently. Quite a change, after almost 9 years. Lot of packing, organizing, flying and a little vacation in between to keep us sane. Majority of our possession are still somewhere on the ship between North America and Europe. And I am starting to miss the opportunity to create something. I am getting lot of ideas for new products and things to decorate our new place. I would love to try them all, just have to wait few more weeks for my supplies to arrive. Here is few pictures to document the last month and half. More coming soon.

Few things I am going to truly miss. Like this white baby crib. It was hard to say goodbye to many many things. But also felt good to let go some of the old things.

Concrete walnut I made in my mold making class. It weighted at least 3 kg.

Baby bottle two peace release mold. It would make a great bookends. I am sure it is making a great garbage ends now.

Not a surprise for me. I have counted 24 plus anoher 6 pairsĀ in my suitcase. Yes I only buy black socks : )

Our place in Vancouver about a month ago. So glad it’s behind us.

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