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My toadstool obsession started last winter when I made about 20 of the smallest ones for our tree and as gifts. They grew and grew and grew, from 5cm to 15cm. They are all going into the moving box now, for a sail across the Atlantic. So soon now, only one more week my beautiful Vancouver!

The sale of selected bowls and money banks is on for one more day. Now even lower prices!


I am having selected money banks and bowls on sale right now! All these items are ready to ship. Get them for this really great price before they sell out! I’ll be closing my shop on 22nd for 6-8 weeks due to big moving. More about that later : )

I just absolutely adore wooden spoons, especially after few years of good use. They get a patina and become so smooth and unique. For me, wooden spoons are heirloom that should be past down along with the family recipes. I also see wooden spoons as one of those rare objects that get better with time. The sign of a good design.

Some of you might have seen my old pin cushion, or go here. It really needed a replacement, so this is what I came up with. Two wet felted balls, cut in half and glued together. The bottom is flat to prevent form rolling over your work table. I really encourage you to make your own, it is an easy and straight forward project even for the beginners! Hope you like it.

Last weekend we were part of the Square Community Market in Vancovuer. A town square style market featuring local fashion designers, artists and craftsmen selling their labors of love, all the while being entertained by live musicians and entertainers. Here is a photo of very tall, talented and handsome Dominique Fricot and The Whiskey Chief. And the bonus – 100% of the market profits is going to charity Thanks organizers, we had so much fun!

PaperBackNote and PariDesign

Very tall, talented and handsome Dominique Fricot! Check me out at the back : )

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