Monthly Archives: November 2012

One cold afternoon this butterfly flew in our apartment while the window was open. We didn’t have the heart to send him (Mr. Butterfly) back, so we feed him bananas and talk to him often. He drinks the water that condenses on the window in the morning and warms up by the table lamp at night. We found this rose on our Sunday walk. It is really late for such a flower to bloom and it is too late for butterflies to fly around. It’s almost December and the snow is around the corner! Finally, they both met here, on my blog.


paper lantern pinata

November is here, with many opportunities to join lantern parades around the city. One of those evenings you want to remember forever. Our homemade piñata lantern worked out perfectly and got lot of attention.

I have just realized it has been a year since I started this blog. I feel like this blog became more of an journal for me, I love scrolling down in time. An 81 blog posts counting this one. I suppose my “‘around eight rule” still works magically. Thank you all who keep coming back! : )

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