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Some of my favorite food experiments captured on Instagram. Even thou it is summer now, I am posting some pictures form this spring, a big thank you goes to my parents for supplying us with the produce from their garden.


Roasted white asparagus with balsamico, feta and pepitas salad. White asparagus was one of the first local produce. Spinach andĀ lettuce from the garden.

IMG_20130624_191327Homemade quinoa flatbread with peanut butter and fresh strawberries from my parents garden. Try the flat bread, just grind the quinoa, add salt and enough water to create pancake like consistency. Quick a so good for you.


Making nettle goncci. Nettle grows allmost anywhere like a weed. Making a nettle tea is probably an easier way to get the health benefits than making gnocci from scratch, but hey look at these!

IMG_20130504_193943Warm salad – morales, white asparagus, leek and lot of butter. These morales grew in our office atrium in a fresh mulch this spring. What a bonus : )

IMG_20130606_221901And all time favorite green smoothie, this time with spinach from my parents garden. Thanks for the supply of the earth goodness.


DIY dinosaur egg

I think every little child goes through the dinosaur phase. Here is a quick diy project to make the play little more special. Just get some Easter eggs and nail polish. Your kid will think you are the best mom! : )




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