Monthly Archives: February 2012

What a gorgeous day for a market. It was cold bud sunny, and we had a great view of the snowy mountains in the distance.┬áMy cell camera didn’t catch that, but you can imagine. Sharing the table with Herman from PaperBackNote is always so pleasant. Hope you had a nice weekend too!

Heritage Hall Blim


I just absolutely love industrial wool felt and hoping to use it more often. I just struggle with finding a good, hopefully local supplier. Any suggestions? The design on these coasters is permanently wet felted into the 3mm medium gray felt. Check out the available colors here.

pin cushion

Can you believe this tiny piece of foam is my pin cushion? Just looking at it makes me squeak, sadly. It’s time to make some decent pin cushion. Searching through the internet made me realize, that is really hard to find some simple clean pin cushion without flowery fabrics, buttons and laces. Here are few that I liked. I am hoping to test few of my ideas tonight.

1. Geode pin cushion by Spider Felt
2. Tin tea cup pin cushion by Jennevieve Schlemmer
3. Urchin pin cushin by Bomba Design
4. Heart and Arrow pin cushion by Purl Bee
5. Sake Cup pin Cushion by Elizabeth Abernathy

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