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washi tape book

bookmark washi tape

washi tape bookmark

And more Washi tape, I just love that stuff. These easy bookmarks make it super
easy to find the right chapter. The Mole Sisters book is a wonderful read for all





This is a book about little Llama called Luki that I wrote the night before Christmas. Writing, layout, printing and binding took me 7 hours. Yes, I went to sleep really late, but also really excited. Lukas often calls him self little llama, so the name of the book is naturally Llama Luki. He kept asking for the book about llama for quite a while, so to fulfill his wish I have decided to make my own. And so glad I did, he loves it! Working on the English version now.

washi bookFor the spine of the book I used one of my washi tapes.


DSC_0030 (3)

One of the Christmas traditions that my family keeps is bringing home a cherry tree branch on December 4th. This premature warmth encourages the branch to blossom. According to this tradition, if the buds blossom on Christmas Eve, then the girl who tended the branch will find a good husband within the year. Others interpret the flowers as signs that good fortune will visit the household. Well, I already found a good husband, so it must work : )

walnut candle




For making my floating Christmas candles, I bought the very last beeswax they had in the store with supplies for bee keepers. These were supposed to go to trash, as they are only broken leftover pieces. This is actually real unprocessed stuff, build by busy bees, it would get filled with honey later on. Luckily this work of art didn’t have to trash and I got a discount. Win win : )

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