DIY dinosaur egg

I think every little child goes through the dinosaur phase. Here is a quick diy project to make the play little more special. Just get some Easter eggs and nail polish. Your kid will think you are the best mom! : )





felted mouse cardboard notebook

The other day Lukas was “skypeing” to his grandparents with a piece of cardboard lying on the floor. Too cute to forget. I made a little upgrade to his imaginary notebook and here is the result. My husband’s reaction made me laugh so much: “You made him a PC!??” – as he is an Apple guy. Happy New Year to you all! I hope it’s filled with fun, love and creativity!

It’s been few months since I made this tool set from cardboard for Lukas. Yes, cardboard : ) and he loved it! Kept playing with it for long┬álong time.

Until he got the wooden hammer from his grandfather for his 2nd birthday. But the best of all is the one he makes him self from blocks.

And this is my hammer – beautifully smooth river rock. It never fails!

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