Product design

Are you familiar with Jovoto? It is a great site for creative people to be part of competitions in areas like communication, graphic and product design. Weekend went by fast, we have been outside a lot (it is spring here finally) and the rest of the days I sat at the computer as much as I could. I am sharing my submissions. You can read the competition’s brief and see more ideas after the click.

Shopping Bag (R)evolution
LOQI fans can customize the bag the way they like, by writing or drawing on the bag with mini marker for fabric, packaged in the pouch with bag.


PrintDesign appealing and high-quality products for the fan shop!
The strap will keep all your necessities together when going for a meeting,  class or break in the park.




I just absolutely adore wooden spoons, especially after few years of good use. They get a patina and become so smooth and unique. For me, wooden spoons are heirloom that should be past down along with the family recipes. I also see wooden spoons as one of those rare objects that get better with time. The sign of a good design.

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