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I am so in love with the new 2016 calendar.

From a sheet of paper to a gorgeous minimalist desk calendar in 20 minutes. By PosterLocker

Behind the sceens on Instagram  @posterlocker

calendar_gem_01 calendar_gem_02 calendar_unique


Are you familiar with Jovoto? It is a great site for creative people to be part of competitions in areas like communication, graphic and product design. Weekend went by fast, we have been outside a lot (it is spring here finally) and the rest of the days I sat at the computer as much as I could. I am sharing my submissions. You can read the competition’s brief and see more ideas after the click.

Shopping Bag (R)evolution
LOQI fans can customize the bag the way they like, by writing or drawing on the bag with mini marker for fabric, packaged in the pouch with bag.


PrintDesign appealing and high-quality products for the fan shop!
The strap will keep all your necessities together when going for a meeting,  class or break in the park.






This is a book about little Llama called Luki that I wrote the night before Christmas. Writing, layout, printing and binding took me 7 hours. Yes, I went to sleep really late, but also really excited. Lukas often calls him self little llama, so the name of the book is naturally Llama Luki. He kept asking for the book about llama for quite a while, so to fulfill his wish I have decided to make my own. And so glad I did, he loves it! Working on the English version now.

washi bookFor the spine of the book I used one of my washi tapes.

I am in the process of creating an alphabet poster for Lukas’s room. No matter how many times you actually say or sing the alphabet song, once in a while I forget what the next letter is. So it’s really handy to have one on the wall. I came up with many different concepts and instead of picking just one, I have decided to attempt all my ideas. Every day this week I will post one, so come back if you want to see more. Today’s graphic is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, Squares with Concentric Circles.

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