Clouds and Hot Air Baloons Birthday Party

The inspiration for Lukas’s 3rd birthday was literally flying over my head for months. We always love watching the changing sky in the evening, when the fluffy clouds start turning purple at the sunset. And there is not a nice sunny day without some hot air balloons flying above our heads in our city. You can see at least three on regular bases. So we had a nice family celebration between clouds and hot air balloons.

The decorations were handmade. I made the cloud garland with the thought of using it in Lukas’s room afterwards. So no waste after this party. Every hot air balloon had cutout photos of some family member in the basket. This was such a personal surprise and everyone really loved peeking in. We had to include Lukas’s favorite food sushi and popcorn, that actually sort of look like clouds. The cloud coconut cookies were fun to make and I shared the recipe in the previous post.

  1. 5a said:

    Absolutely awesome!

  2. stelbo said:

    iveta – you are the best mom ever!! that looks like an amazing party!

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